Monday, June 27, 2016

Off the Shoulder

I've always felt that my shoulders and neck were nice features, so I have been looking forward to trying an off the shoulder top.  At first, I thought I'd stick to the more practical "cold shoulder" version of this trend, which has been around for a bit.  I saw a woman wearing a lovely cold shoulder white peasant top with cutoff denim shorts at the beath a couple weekends ago and it strengthened my resolve to give this trend a spin.  After shopping online, I decided to give it a chance with the strapless bra.  

I'm still nursing, and actually a strapless bra is pretty easy to nurse in.  I've leaned out just enough that my old strapless fits perfectly, as it turns out.  This is the one I own (Fantasie brand).  If you are like me and have a larger cup size and smaller band size, I recommend it (it has molded cups which I do not like in my regular bras, but it helps with a strapless bra).

In the past, I have also owned this Wacoal stretch lace strapless bra (not molded cups) and it was very comfortable.

I recommend having a proper bra fitter at either a specialty boutique or Nordstrom fit you for a strapless bra and show you how to put it on.  I would NOT recommend Victoria's Secret and their ilk as they do not fit bras properly and often do not carry sizes that are actually very common.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Neutral "Neckerchief", Stripes, Wide Legs

I was inspired by Angie Cox's observation about neckerchiefs being a thing lately.  I guess to me, this means a scarf that is worn only at the neck.  I had forgotten about this geometrically patterned long, thin and slightly ruffled scarf that I own.  I really like the soft neutral color mix.  I paired it with my Madewell striped tank and NYDJ linen wide-leg trousers.  I added a bit more oomph by bookending the scarf with snakeskin ballet flats (Vera Wang Lavendar Label), as these trousers were hemmed for flats.  I had my black moto jacket at the ready, because it was grey with a few sun breaks today.  I didn't need a jacket, though; I stayed inside most of the day and it was oddly warm anyway.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Navy and White, First Day of Summer

We had pleasant, party cloudy weather in Seattle for the first day of summer.   I had a chance to wear my new white pleated ruffled blouse fro Aritzia.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Working From Home - Dress over Jeans

Chambray dress over cropped white jeans, with grey Vans and cardigan.  It was a rainy, windy day and I worked from home.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

To a Memorial

My mother's father died on Monday evening.  We are very sad and I've been flooded with memories of my dear grandpa.  It's hard to lose someone who was so dear to me, and who loved me as much as he did.

I wore this to his memorial.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Navy and White

I'm going to have a quick coffee with an old mentor at Nordstrom today, so I wanted to look a little bit polished, but summery.  And, I wanted to wear my new navy J. Crew Teddie trousers.  They look great with bright white!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Denim Culottes, Flatform Espadrilles, Red Plaid

It's muggy out today!  

I'm feeling quite trendy.  I love my new sandals...I have had a long moratorium on sandal buying but this year I was determined to find a pair of espadrilles.  This pair is perfect, although not what I had originally thought I wanted (I figured closed-toe).  It's good to keep an open mind when on the hunt!  I intend to wear these with full skirts, boyfriend shorts, and cropped pants this summer.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Print

I have three Ann Taylor Loft printed pieces from last season.  I think they did an amazing job with their prints and I hope it continues.

Blue and Mustard

I love these mustard cropped, flared trousers!  I want to buy them in black or navy, too.  They are the Teddie pant for J. Crew.
I'm wearing them with white pumps and a blue button down.  The only downside is that they have to be ironed if washed at home.