Thursday, September 3, 2015

WIW - To the Opera

A cream Vince dress with a swishy accordion-pleat skirt and black ankle strap shoes!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Everlane Loafers, KeySocks

A quick snap of what I wore to lead a working session on outage response at work (a bunch of IT dudes, in short).  These are my new Everlane loafers as well as my new keysocks!  I'm old enough to know that having my heels and pinky toes chewed up by stiff shoes is just not worth it, so I was searching for a no-show sock option (back-up option was lots of moleskin, but that tends to roll up, or a no-show loafer sock but I find they don't prevent ankle sores as they often don't come up or stay high enough up on my ankle).

Normally, I'd just avoid patent shoes at all costs - I prefer suede.  But I fell hard in love with this particular shoe finish.  The leather options are nice and all, but the shine of this gorgeous brown had me head over heels.  I was determined to find something to make them hassle-free.

After a search of the interwebs I came across a post regarding keysocks, so I posted on the You Look Fab forum to see if anyone had any experience with them...and got nothing.  However, a rep from the company did see my post and sent me a code to try them for free.  The result is that I got to try them for free...and they worked!  

I'm so relieved that I can wear my awesome new patent loafers pain and hassle free!  They do show the tiniest bit at the ankle (I'm wearing ankle length pants here, mind you), but they are nude on me (so, if you're of color they might not work as well) and it's really less noticeable than a no-show sock showing at the edges (no-show socks are the WORST).

I did intent to get a shot of the ankle look so you can determine for yourself if you can live with that much showing, however I was lucky enough to get a cell phone snap of my outfit at, next time, I promise.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Winged eyes

37, and this is my first ever attempt at winged eyeliner.  I used Bobbi Brown long-wear gel liner in graphite (my usual).
Lipstick is Bite Beauty frozen berries matte cream in Plum.

Admission - I used beauty face mode for this shot, but I swear it was an accident!  It comes on by default and I forgot to switch it off.  I must admit I LOVE it...haha.  But it's not a very accurate portrayal.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Purple and White

White and bright's still summer!  

I chose shimmery eye shadow with a dark, matte color in the crease and a matte lip pencil in a bright, berry shade for my makeup with this summery outfit.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beauty moment - Dior Bleu de Paris

My phone camera always makes me look like a cartoon character!

I got inspired to do a little more with my makeup today and pulled out my Bleu de Paris 5 color eyeshadow pallet from Dior.  The colors are fantastic.  There is a dark matte navy that is great for a navy smoky eye.  Today, I went with the shimmery blue shade all over and the dark blue at the corners of my lid, with the matte pale blue as a blending shade towards my brow bone.  I kept my cheeks and lips neutral.  I've been growing in my brows more fully and I really like the way they frame my eyes now.  I have a scar at the inside of my left eyebrow and have always had a hard time shaping it.  Nobody's perfect, right?

I wore my blue shadow with this outfit - slouchy long shorts, distressed cropped denim jacket and a high-low blouse.  I would have preferred black sandals, but I don't own any!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Vince linen sweater worn to work with white "boyfriend" jeans and charcoal grey suede Birkenstocks.  Silver ring and earrings are Anna Beck.  Another sunny day in Seattle!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Pleated shorts and Vince leather slip-on oxfords.  Not conventionally flattering, but I liked the modern silhouette of this.  I think the shorter length of the jacket and the muted colors worked well, particularly when the jacket sleeves are rolled up.   The tee is Everlane's U-neck tee, which has a slightly high-low hemline which works to reveal more of the leg line.