Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Monday - Post-Boat

I had hubby snap a photo of me post-boating.  Monday was warm and clear here in Seattle, and my company did a team activity - we rented a big boat and boated through the Ballard locks and out towards Elliot bay.  I even got a tiny touch of sunburn!  

These boyfriend jeans are Kut from the Kloth, the boat shoes are Sperry Topsiders, and the top is another Milk nursing top.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Casual Warm Spring Sunday

Our patio is in mid-cleanup, so not much room for photos!  These are new distressed boyfriend shorts from Banana Republic and a sleeveless Milk nursing top.  The colorful platform sandals I bought last summer.  Above, a photo with master Torben, showcasing my belly.  )-:

Pinned inspiration from Sincerely Jules.  I need to get out my cool shades!  And, no Chanel bag to be had here, although I have acquired an appreciation for "mommy" cross-body bags.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Working from home - Casual Greys and Blues

I wanted to show a couple new items I'm excited about for Spring - First, the coated denim jacket - the color is a great ink color of blue which will work well with many of my other blue and navy items.  I'm wearing a Milk nursing top (a little too big), and J. Crew grey corduroy jeans.  My second new item is my new grey perforated leather Vans and (not showing one purpose), low cut grey socks.

No makeup, no jewelry - I'm working from home and it's drizzly out!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Checking in...

As my lifestyle becomes much more casual (not to mention the need to be able to easily reveal my boobs on a regular basis!) I have been really itching to get back to blogging outfits.  I've got to find a spot to photograph outfits regularly first, though.  Once I've got that worked out I'll be posting again.  Meanwhile, here is a photo of Torben - he's getting bigger every day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Torben Michael

I've been very remiss in updating my blog!  My baby boy was born on November 22nd at 12:06am.  He was 7lbs 13 oz, born at Swedish First Hill in Seattle without any medications or interventions and nursed right away.  He has beautiful dark eyes and hair like his daddy.  He was and is a very healthy and perfect baby; he sleeps a reasonable amount of time at night, nurses like a champ, and is generally a delight.

He is almost two months old now!  I am back at work, mainly working from home, breastfeeding most of the time, and pumping for bottle feeding when I need to be in the office.

I'm back up in size and so working on getting down to my previous weight and fitness level as I have time and energy.  Once I get my camera set up again I'll be doing outfit photos again!  My outfits are much more simple and casual than in the past (not to mention optimized for breastfeeding) but I still enjoy getting dressed.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Burgundy Sweater

Well, my due date has passed and I am on a cycle of twice a week doctor visits.  This is what I wore to one of them.  The baby is just fine, and no telling when he'll make an appearance!

I purchased this sweater online from Aritzia.  I appreciate that their knitwear doesn't have acrylic in it, so that hopefully it will wear better and longer.  This sweater is a blend of wool, linen and viscose.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Grey - Casual Weekend Wear

I'm one day past my official due date.  I say "official", because my doctor and I calculated two different dates.  My date was the 16th, and hers was the 15th.  So, I'm secretly counting today as my real due date.

I've been pinning and lot of two tone grey outfits, and so I was happy that this gathered tee, which is not maternity but just a size large, fit over my belly.  The cardigan is from Nordstrom anniversary - autumn cashmere - as are the booties - Tom Green.  The leggings are maternity gear but are Theory.  I got these on sale, but they were still pretty expensive for maternity clothes.  However, I have gotten an intense amount of wear out of them.  If I were to re-shop for maternity clothes I would have purchased fewer summer tops and more tee shirts, and would have purchased more skinny pants up front so I could have gotten more wear out of them.  I find with skinny pants, cords, and jeans, that I can wear a bigger variety of heel heights than with bootcuts.  That said, in the earlier stages of pregnancy when I could still comfortably wear heels, it was a nice emotional boost to have dressy trousers to wear.  My favorite pair were charcoal grey trousers.  I think now I need to find some non-maternity skinny or straight-leg trousers in grey, as grey is such a versatile neutral in my Soft Summer color palette.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

39 weeks, 4 days - New Poncho, Pops of Plum

I'm still waiting for my baby to be born!  3 days till my official due date, and I've said I anticipate going late...hopefully not too late, as I am getting quite impatient to have my baby in my arms instead of my tummy!

Meantime, I bought this poncho from the Nordstrom clearance sale.  It's currently sold out, sadly, as I wanted to buy my sister one as well.  The fabric is Yak and Merino wool blend.  It's quite light and warm, and I love that it has a more modern, rather than boho, look to it.  It also makes my pregnant tummy look smaller, which I can appreciate at least for a few more days.

It will also be great for nursing, but I think I do need to look for a long-sleeved nursing top, as the under-layers I have now are camisoles, and I'd have to layer a long sleeved top over a camisole and under the poncho to make it work and that just seems like a lot of layers!

The plum colored suede sneakers are Vince.  Lipstick is NARS semi matte lipstick in Scarlet Empress.