Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday - hoping for sun in my new top

This is my new Helmut Lang tank. It has a low racerback which is covered up by my caridgan. For casual summer outfits I plan to wear this over a fitted, ribbed white racerback (need to purchase this item) without the cardigan and sandals (nude, brown or silver?).

In this outfit my modern feminine element is the white bootcut denim and cropped cardigan. The pop of unexpected is the printed tunic. I am pretty picky about prints, so I don't buy or wear them often. I can't put my finger on what makes a print really stand out to me, but I think it has a lot to do with color and composition of the print. This print has beautiful details (it's photo-real feathers), and the shades of blue seem to make it even better.

I think this outfit could use a skinny black or silver belt. This is something that is already on my wish list and not too expensive. I may have to take a shopping break today and go look for one! Even without the skinny belt, this outfit is chic and modern. This one gets a favorites rating!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday - comfort & the LBD

This morning I found my self owing a lot to my under-eye concealer and hoping that I didn't look as tired as I felt. My schedule is wearing on me and my primary motivation for dressing today was to be comfortable. I started out with these shoes because they are comfortable and reasonably cute.

I was going to wear jeans. But, then I had to decide on a top, and the top+cardigan I pulled out of the back of my closet, while cute, was definitely not the kind of interesting detail I am trying to add to each of my outfits. Then I remembered my fallback outfit, which is this cute little black dress.

This dress is a ponte knit fabric, which means it's like really thick stretch pant material. I like how the pleats in the thick fabric at the waist seam emphasis the waist and create a little extra volume around the hip area. Also, the fact that the waist is slightly higher than my natural waist make this a pair-shape flatterer. AND, it has pockets. Pockets are always a good thing (well, unless they are unfortunately placed, that is...)

I was going to add a pair of lace tights, as my pop of interest, but I couldn't deal with the restrictive waist band. Plus they don't really look as good with these shoes (they really need plain shoes). So I threw on these sheer hose. OK, not really that unusual, but whatever. I was not really thinking clearly.

Since this outfit doesn't really have a very strong point of interest this can't get the favorites label, even though I love the dress.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday - denim shirt

OK, so for this outfit I started by going to the back of my (newly purged) closet and pulling out this skirt, which I don't wear often. In order to justify keeping these items I need to start incorporating them into my wardrobe. Plus, it forces me to stay out of a rut of wearing the same items over and over. I know it's a super cute skirt, but I struggle with how to style it since it needs a very simple top.

The skirt is the "feminine" element of my wardrobe

This skirt needs a simple top. I was reaching for a colored tee and black cardigan, but with my new initiative to keep my style statement in mind when dressing I realized I needed something to provide the unexpected pop to this skirt. The skirt is cute in and of itself, but a tee and cardi just didn't seem that unexpected.

I have had a Summer outfit in mind that combines this denim skirt with a pleated black cotton skirt and gladiator sandals, but the weather's been too cold for that. I realized this top would be perfect, since it provides an unexpected contrast to the dressy femininity of the skirt.

The denim shirt is the "unexpected" element of my wardrobe

I added a pair of ruffled wooden wedges because I had to choose a lower heel or flat (class tonight, and a forecast for cold and rain). The ruffle echos the ruffled skirt, but the wooden wedge keeps the vibe a little less dressy and more in line with the denim shirt.

The elements came together nicely, and I felt stylish and comfortably myself in this outfit, which is the ultimate test! This one goes in the "favorites" file.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is your style?

I've been thinking about what my style is, since seeing an old post revived on This is what I've come up with:

Modern feminism, with a pop of something interesting

My challenge is to come up with at least one thing in each outfit that is unexpected. This means something I love that is a little bit of a contrast to my feminine, somewhat classic, style: a neon color, something screamingly vintage, something a little punk, or something that is just plain outrageous (like the pair of skyhigh shiny red wedges with gold leather uppers I used to have). This means wearing something that (for me, anyway) pushes the envelope.

Today, it's clearly my boots. I LOVE these boots. They are not only edgy with all the laces and the square heel, but they have a definate vintage feel. I think the term for this type of look is "steampunk". But, it's only one element of my otherwise pretty classic outfit. I'm not interested in looking too overdone or costume-y.

Tuesday - sunny

I thought of this outfit last night while lying in bed, after checking the weather report. I threw it on this morning and then opened my curtain to take a snapshot and it was gorgeous out! I immediately was sad that I was wearing such a dark outfit on such a sunny day. The weather report still says it is going to be 58 and raining all day. I don't really want it to be right, because I love the sunny weather, but I wish I was wearing something as equally bright in order to appreciate it more!

These are Pour la Victoire boots, Vince top, Hinge sweater (Nordies brand) and T Tahari riding pants.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday - discovery

I pulled this jersey dress out of the back of the closet this weekend as I was purging my closet. I like the shape of this dress a lot. It seems very modern to me. But, I had to have a pop of color in the red suede wedges! Unfortunately it poured rain on my way to class at the end of the day. Luckily I had a pair of slouchy boots at my desk that looked pretty cute with this.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


You can see the remnants of my closet purging efforts in the edges of this snapshot. Hopefully that'll be cleared up soon...

I don't wear this skirt often. I have a hard time envisioning it in outfits. It is a rare A-line skirt in a dressier fabrication, plus it's high-waisted which I think is flattering on my longer torso. The proportions of this outfit are prefect, but I am not sure I like wearing so much black.

The top is BCBG, the skirt is Classiques, the sweater is Beth Bowley, and the pumps are about 3 years old and from Nordies, but I don't recall the brand ATM.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Night - drying out

It rained buckets on my way home. I didn't have an umbrella and I couldn't wait to get home and crawl into these comfy knit riding pants and hoody. Caslon tee, T Tahari pants, Gap hoody.

Happy Friday!

Friday leather jacket

Friday - black and white

I got lots of love for this outfit today. I love these new jeans! The top is Classiques from Nordstrom and the sling-back peep toes are Cole Haan.

Thanks to the forum members over at for help with this outfit.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

White jeans debut

Thursday - Sunny or not...

I've been craving florals since it's Spring. And I am seeing denim jackets everywhere and I love how it looks.

This is a Gap tee, a Current Elliot jacket, Milly skirt, Stuart Weitzman boots

Although it's clearing up today, as predicted, the high is only supposed to get to the low 60's, so I wore tights and boots.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday - rain and gray

This is a Gap tee in a lovely aubergine color. Silver leather bow belt I got from Nordstrom, Habitual jeans, and J. Crew sweater from the outlets. My shoes are Indigo by Clarks.

Purple and gray seem to be my Spring Rain colors.

It was, and is, raining and dark out today. The power even flickered this morning. Ugh. It's supposed to clear up by this evening and be nice tomorrow, but it's hard to fathom at the moment. I am getting sleep deprived and can't wait for the weekend! Maybe I'll finish my forecasting homework tomorrow night so I can have more free time this weekend. I need to get back to the gym next week, which means I need to get my sleep cycle back on track. It's been haywire ever since the quarter started.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

White Denim

I got my Long and Lean Gap jeans in white last night and they fit! I'll be debuting them on Friday, when it isn't raining (hopefully).

Tuesday Drizzle

Today the temps dropped and there was an 80% chance of rain predicted! Where did Spring go?

This dress is Valette, a defunct Nordstrom private label brand (so well made, too. Pity they closed it down). The boots are Pour la Victoire. I like this outfit, but I really want it to be sunny and warm, and this is such a Wintery outfit!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Naya Sandals

It's been a while since I bought new sandals. I realized this morning that the majority of my summer shoes are either not supportive or painful. So I got these today! They are a new brand called Naya, and they are very comfy; a cushy footbed and a thick rubber sole. I like the color (if you look close you can see the straps have a purple edging) and I like the wooden heel. These will go well with most of my summer clothes.

Friday - sandals

I got my first pedicure of the season last night, and even though it's cold I couldn't bear to cover it up with closed-toe shoes! These shoes (which are Franco Sartos' from last year) are nude patent with a cork wedge, and can become uncomfortable after a while, so I brought flat sandals with me to work as well.

This top is so pretty (it's Nanette Lapore). Usually I tuck it in, because it hits me in a not-that-great spot at the hip. But today is Friday and I wanted to feel a little more freeflowing today.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday - the Paris dress

I feel good in this dress, although I realize it fits me like a glove and maybe if it fit a little less like a glove it might be more flattering! In other words, I need to lose a few pounds...(-:

These shoes are only an approximation of the shoes I actually wore, which were sliver closed-toe maryjane pumps. I had them at work, so I wore flats on my commute.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Debut of the French Dress

I was checking to make sure I could wear my white blouse under this dress...Otherwise I have to cover up the pretty ruffled straps with a cardigan or blazer! I LOVE these shoes with this dress, but I will have to wait till the weather warms up and my toes get some pedicure love before I can wear them.

Wednesday - cool hint of spring

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wednesday - spring showers

I was RUSHING out the door when I took this; I got a ride to the bus stop from my husband...long boring story about his car breaking down.

This is a Vera Wang Lavender Label skirt and Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater from You can't see my brown microfishnets very well. The boots are Stuart Weitzman (on sale from

I am wearing a lot of undergarments! This sweater and skirt are both slightly sheer. The sweater has a v-back which I only mention because I am uncomfortable in it which is why I don't wear it often. I also wish these boots weren't so scrunchy around the ankle. I wish they were more rigid. They are very tight at the top and this could be part of the cause; getting them stretched may help.

I received a compliment in the elevator from a very trendy-chic guy from marketing. (-:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday - grey and lavender

This shrug is from the Juniors dept at Nordstrom. The top is Classiques from Nordstrom, the jeans are Habitual.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday - Studying and Sunshine

Sorry for the glare. It was bright this morning. I have a new phone, with a slightly better camera, so hopefully things will improve. Not sure how to prevent this glare, though.

This is a high-waisted denim skirt, a pair of BP. wooden wedge shoes, a Gap tee and a Hinge sweater.

I cut the belt loops off of this sweater because they were too low, and the belt it came with is awful anyway; too long and thin.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What I wore - Friday night

I was unsatisfied with this outfit, because I wanted to wear something more exciting (color! pattern! texture!). I'm not sure what's wrong with me lately I just feel bored with my clothes. I went shopping yesterday and didn't find anything that made me want to spend money on it. I feel a giant closet purge coming on...


OK, I know this is pretty boring, but I love the colors in this tee and I was very tired today and wanted to be comfortable. Sorry about the spot - apparently I spilled on this last time I wore it. I didn't have time to let my spot cleaning job dry before I took the pic.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As you can see...we are back

We are back from Europe! I am happy to report that what I packed served me very well. I wore all but my white long-sleeve tee. I had planned to wear it with the ponte-knit ruffled jacket with jeans and white sneakers, but it was just too warm. I ended up washing and re-wearing the yellow tee I wore on the plane ride over. In Paris we had rented an apartment so we had washing facilities, which was very nice.

I purchased one dress while in Paris. Hopefully I will be debuting it soon - it's very wrinkled and needs to be pressed!

For now it's back to school. I haven't gotten back to my running because I have a terrible cold and need as much rest as school and work will allow. So for the time being I am able to post outfits but, ironically, am not feeling up to being very creative since I am under the weather and now back to my packed schedule.

Tuesday - these boots, again

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday - boots

This look is a little Autumnal for April, but it was supposed to be cold and drizzly today. It will likely get that way in the afternoon, but the morning was pretty sunny and nice (but cold).

Speaking of colds, I've got another one! that's why I went for such a comfortable look today (and I have minimal meetings today). This is my fourth cold this year, and I usually get only one a year, or none. Since I've been in school and working I've noticed that I get sick more often. Probably because I am around a more diverse group of people on a regular basis.

These are Steven by Steve Madden boots (zipper and trim up the back), and a Rachel Pally dress.