Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday - This is Spring

I picked up these slouchy black shorts for summer.  They a good deal...let's hope it gets hot enough this summer for me to use them!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday - To the Ballfield

Today our we had a meeting at Safeco Field.  We were asked to dress casually, plus I wasn't sure how much standing or walking I'd have to do, so I chose to wear my faded jeans, a sweatshirt and some comfy sneakers.  The shoes are Naot, jeans are J. Crew as is the button-down I used to dress up the sweatshirt.  The sweatshirt is Stem (Nordstrom label).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Cute Catchup!

I loved this navy and black outfit!  But the shoes did give me a bit of trouble in the ankle of one foot...
This outfit was inspired by Stylecaster's 50 most stylish New Yorkers:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday and Saturday - The Vibe

Kitty joined me on Friday morning for a snap of these high-waist Habitual bootcuts and my j. Crew striped button-down.  I had a low-key day on Friday.

Today is lovely weather, so I chose this light-weight peasant blouse and white flares.  My husband, friend and I went to a furniture store in Pike Place Market called Kasala.  They happened to have a floor model of a bookshelf I want (hubby insisted on seeing it in person before buying) and also to be having a sale.  So we bought some new throw pillows for our couch (much needed since the factory pillows it came with are hideously ugly and the feathers poke through the fabric).  We pick the bookcase up on Thursday.  Can't wait!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday - New Little Jacket

So, I know it seems like I've been getting a lot of new pieces lately, but it's really just a coincidence that a bunch of things I ordered a different times showed up right after I'd bought a couple of items in-store.

This little jacket is by Diesel and it's on sale at ASOS.

I actually walked around on my lunch break without a coat today!  A couple of co-workers and I hopped a transit but and hit Chinatown for some dim sum.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday - All Blues

This outfit was inspired by Blue Collar Catwalk and the "Texas Tuxedo"!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday - White Light

I wore this outfit for church.  I liked the shape of the cropped jacket and the colors of the cream dress and soft purple jacket went nicely.  Since the weather was nice I wore my black sandal booties.  They are a little big on me...I need to add some foot petals to make them more wearable.

Later we met friends for brunch and I wore my leather jacket.  This jacket doesn't get as much wear as I'd like since the weather window for it passes quickly in Seattle.  But today was sunny and cool so it was perfect!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday - Springing It with Flowers

This is the new blouse I linked to yesterday.  Isn't it pretty?  I wanted to wear it with these casual jeans to pick up the light-blue color.  I wore my birkenstocks because my feet have been extra tired on weekends due to running longer distances.  I have flat feet, so they take quite a beating during my running.  I liked the hippie-chic vibe they lent to my pretty, flowy top.  It was too cold to wear no socks around outside, but once the weather is warmer (uh, high of 50 deg F could stand to be a little warmer in late April!) this is going to be a repeat outfit.

PS, I've been playing with the color curves on my pictures.  Let me know if they look off to you.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday - Sick Chic with a New Suede Vest

I have acquired three new things.  One is this new mushroom suede vest.  I think it is my first actual vest!  Which somewhat surprising since I think vests are particularly flattering on pear/hourglass types.

I used my award money and new 33% discount (also part of my award) on it.  It's butter soft suede.  I need to suede protect it before I wear it out of the house, because I have a feeling it would suck every speck of dust out of the air without it.  It's just sooo soft and feels like it would be very *absorbent*

I love the color, and I think it will spice up many boring outfits (such as this chino and black tee outfit) and can be worn year round since it's a layering piece without sleeves!  I am particularly looking to wear it with my black silk strapless jumpsuit.

Here is a link to it on  I fell in love with it in the catalog paired with a brightly colored maxi dress:

I LOVE the idea of this outfit, but I cannot allow myself to buy summer-only clothes anymore, since they just don't get worn as much.  Many of my clothes can be de-layered for summer use.  Summer-only items just aren't worth it (and that includes shoes; I already have way too many sandals!)

I also purchased this pretty floral top, on the grounds that it's a print I love (I'm picky in this regard and so don't own many printed items) and has tons of colors that work with my wardrobe (blue, pink, orange, purple, green).  I think the vest will look cute over this top, too.

Sadly, my last acquisition was a head cold, so I stayed home today.  It was really hard not to go to work and show off my new purchase, but I think my co-workers would rather wait to see it until I'm not contagious.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday - White Girl

Since I'm getting so many inquiries about this dress I thought I'd link to it:

Click here to see the dress on

I accidentally slept in my contacts last night.  I have no real excuse for why I did this.  One of the things that happened is that after my run yesterday I went out to dinner with hubby and because I didn't need to wash my face again (which usually kicks off my nightly routine) I just got a bit mixed up.  I got me teeth brushed, but forgot about the contacts.

So, I figured that wearing glasses was a good idea today in order to give my eyes a rest.  And then, wouldn't you know it, I won a surprise award today and had my picture taken and everything, all in my glasses.  I was glad I opted for my old (but till fabulously flattering) set of glasses, rather than my funky, fun, trendy oversized "nerd" glasses.  These were a little more appropriate for meeting the CIO...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday - Spring Onion Green

This skirt is Buberry London from Nordies designer clearance last year (happens right before their Anniversary sale in late June).

All these items are a bit old; the skirt is about a year old, the boots a bit older than that and the sweater is a bit newer.

The skirt I saw at the Rack, although not in my size (all the designer clearance eventually ends up at the Rack).  It turns out there was a shirtdress in sky blue with the same skirt as this.  Gorgeous!  But, much more expensive, even at the Rack, and plus I'm too big in the bosom for 89% of designer fashions that include buttons at the chest!

This outfit inspiration comes from the blog my edit and the graceful Jentina: