Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday - Tweed Skirt

Oh, these shoes are so painful!  I stopped and bought some new ones at lunch.  They are a pretty beige suede with tassels.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday - New Flowy Skirt

I got my long midi skirt hemmed to long midi length.  It just seemed more practical for Fall and all the rain.  This denim shirt just refused to stay tucked.  I am on the lookout for a new, paler shirt in chambray instead of denim and without snaps on the boobs.  And longer, hopefully, so it stays tucked better!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday - dots and dotty

Navy blue shirtdress, large dot tights, Stuart Weitzman black suede booties

Well, here they are; the debut of my fabulous new large dot hose.  The issue?  I paid too much AND managed to snag them on the very first wear.  I'm kind of sick about it.  I love these tights.  I had big plans.  *sigh*  I hate Mondays!

It was Fall in Earnest today.  It didn't break 65 and poured all day.  I wore my rain boots and didn't even walk home in the sunshine (which is what usually happens when I wear my rain boots to work in the morning).  This morning it was raining so hard that the drops were making little bubbles in the mud puddles in our alley.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Edition - Biking and Faux Fur

Biking capris, Gap denim mini, red corsage tank, white Naot sneakers originally bought for European Tourism

On Saturday my husband had a continuing education class, so I was home most of the day alone.  I took the opportunity to go for a long bike ride.  I got these biking capris last weekend (they are lightly padded and not thick enough to wear on their own anyway).  I've just recently begun to bike more.  I don't have my own car, so biking is a good way for me to get around and often it's quicker than walking and sometimes even quicker than the bus!  Also, I am still having trouble with my feet.  They were getting a little better after taking a break from running almost all summer, but with all the walking in NYC we did at the end of August (and I wore my Naots and Birks exclusively!) they've been bad again.  Biking allows me to get my cardio on without exacerbating my foot condition.

It was sunny and warm so I rode to Alki beach and back, which is about 5 miles from our house (and involves climbing a long hill on the way back...but that is Seattle for you!).  Last weekend my husband and I rode our bikes all the way to King Street in SoDo.  There is a bike path almost the entire way.  Eventually, when I figure out the best route through downtown, I plan to start commuting by bike several times a week as a way to stay in shape (plus, it's fun!  and, you don't have to wait for a bus...).  I don't relish the idea of packing all my stuff and showering and dressing at work - what will happen to my blog! - but I'm sure I can figure something out.

Faux fur Ann Taylor LOFT vest, cream suede and wool Uggs, Anlo skinny jeans, cream and pink striped J. Crew boat-neck knit top, Chole dark burgundy tote bag

On Sunday, in between my husband's studying (he is taking interior design courses besides his regular work), we took a break for lunch.  It was raining hard and in the low 60's.  But by the time we had eaten the sky was clearing.

Northface fleece half-zip, biking capris, running skirt, Lululemon grey tee, Naot sneakers

When we got back from lunch we decided to take a bike ride before he had to get back to his CAD project.  We took a short (30 minute) ride down to a park by our house and back.  By then the sky was sunny but it had turned blustery and cool with lots of leaves are on the ground.  It's feeling very fall-like.  I wish I could have gone further (we only when about 6 miles total) but my bum was sore and my legs were a little tired from the previous day.  The hill back from the park is not nearly as steep as the one back from the beach, but I've not been getting very much exercise lately so I'm a little out of shape!

I've also been at work on my Wardrober program.  I am writing it in Visual FoxPro because it's the only programming language I know (I am NOT a techie by any means).  It's actually been super fun to have a little project.  I'm almost done writing the data entry screens for entering in all my clothes, and I've also started on the logic for combining clothes together into outfits.  I plan to just have it put together ALL combinations possible of tops, bottoms, layers, etc. and then use data mining techniques to cull through the combinations for the best ones (based on my favorite outfits I've already worn, which I have captured via tags from my blog).  I may have some amount of trouble with the data mining part because my table structure isn't exactly like the type of structure that I learned the technique on (I learned using a program called WEKA).  But I will tackle that challenge once I've laid the foundations for "outfit logic" and done the data entry for my clothing items.  In the mean time I can at least use my own human brain to identify good combinations...or crazy ones!  Hehe...It will be interesting to see what the computer comes up with.

If anyone out there knows stuff about data mining and wants to help me with my silly little project I would love the hear from you!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday - Faux Summer...floral

black and white floral sack dress w yellow trim, black leggings, black patent flat sandals, black and white beaded headband, small black pebbled leather kate spade pocketbook

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday - grey and burgundy

Grey faux wrap BCBG thin ribbed sweater, dark burgundy ruffled Vince sleeveless blouse, black skinny jeans, grey suede Indigo by Clarks 'Turkish' booties

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday - new-ish shoes

I am in love with these new shoes!  The color, the texture and the little tassle....*heart*

Sheer Navy blouse, navy BP. cami, white Gap Long and Lean jeans (modified to straight-leg), Grey distressed leather Paul Green loafers with tassle

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday - Waxed Denim Pencil

pink cropped cotton jacket, white ribbed cotton tank, dark blue waxed denim Marc by Marc Jacobs pencil skirt, mushroom suede Vince Camuto gladiator-style mid-heeled sandals

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday afternoon and Monday - moving towards autumn

Forest green cashmere J. Crew v-neck sweater, Grey Banana Republic 'Martin' straight leg pants, Black suede Plenty by Tracy Reese suede pumps with ruffle and bow

Gap denim snap-front shirt, J. Crew distressed 'matchstick' jeans, Ugg booties, faux shearling and suede zip-front vest

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Friday - New Leather Skirt

I wore this to give a presentation to a group of IT people.  I had to do it twice because we had two time options for people to attend.  These heels I've walked many blocks in, but standing for 3 hours turned out to be a bad idea.  Today my feet are recovering.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday - Harem Pants

This outfit was inspired by Angie's outfit from NY Fashion week.  I was determined to wear these pants again before the long cold comes again!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday - cream dress and muted neutrals

This look was something I had in mind way back in April.  It was inspired by Zara's lookbook from April via Because I'm Addicted

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday - New flatform shoes and asymmetrical jacket

Oh, I've been wanting these shoes since they came out, only I wanted them in black.  As it turns out, I was able to hit the Barney's Warehouse sale while in NYC and they had them for about 75% off in this grey color!  Not as versatile, for sure, but aren't they adorable?  I walked down to our other office in these and only at the very end of the day I had a little bit of rubbing around my big toes.  And they are pretty easy to walk in, too.  I'm very happy with them!