Saturday, January 7, 2012

Black and White

Black and White

Black and White by jenava featuring leather cross body handbags

I wore these items (approximately) on Friday.  The black slim pants with the elevated black platform makes my legs look longer.

I've been polishing up my 2012 shopping list.  I plan to by a lot fewer clothes this year.  So far I have pulled the trigger on burgundy skinny jeans and a black leather biker jacket that is coming on Tuesday. Today I ordered this Adam silk tank.  I need something more polished than my white ribbed tanks to wear under jackets.  I don't have any white layering tops other than my white tanks and one white tee (that has a slight stain on it from rubbing against my blue jeans).

Of the items on my shopping list, this is the most practical.  Next month I'm hoping to finally get my metal collar from Danijo!  I've been wanting it for a while but it a little expensive.


Lorena said...

Now that is a different method ´- planning ahead-
If I made lists I would probably shop even more.
Like you, I do have tons of stuff that are unworn and not worn as much as i wish they were-- so hopefully i will begin wearing them and slow down on the shopping.

Jenava said...

Lorena, I am a BIG planner. I plan to either get rid of or start wearing those items...I started using polyvore to plan outfits. I only add something to my list if I find myself wishing I had something more than a white dressy tank or black wedge pumps.

Anna said...

I'm so glad you're getting the collar!