Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday - Soft Grey for a Spring-like Day

I am trying to decide if this would look better with a dark under layer (such as navy) in order to create a column effect with the denim.  I wore this to run errands with husband.  

Later, I changed into my bike gear and biked to the local bike shop for a repair (bent crank due to falling on the ice a while back).  They treated me to a soda and I pet the shop's cats while they fixed my ride up.  Afterwards, I rode around a bit.  The sun was shining and the temperatures were in the mid-50's.  It's so nice to get a whiff of spring after so many the cold and dreary days.  My mood was definitely much better because of the weather which I'm sure was true of many Seattlites!

We also decided on a paint color for our bedrooms (we have three and we're painting them all the same color).  It's going to be Behr's "Dolphin Fin".  The rest of our house is painted a warm cream color, with an accent of dark brown on one wall of the main living space.  We kind of have a brown and silver color scheme going on, since the tiles of our kitchen are a rough-hewn silvery color.

This evening we're heading to my cousin's place.  We haven't seen them in much too long and we're really looking forward to catching up with them.  

Later, I replaced the white under-layer with a navy one.  I think it's more flattering (although the photo is not as clear due to the fading light).


Lorena said...

This sweater is another unique garment - it's unexpected and perfect.

Anusha said...

Oh I just LOVE that sweater! Looks divine on you! I think it works both ways, with the blue top and the white one underneath. Maybe the white is more casual? Either way, looks fab!

We're house-hunting so I've been researching a lot about interior paint colors too. I like a neutral cream/ecru or even beige shade so that I can change around the decor and furniture every season. I get bored easily! But I don't know ... have to try other shades too.