Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, Sunday - New Blouses

New Alexander Wang tunic blouse.  It reminded me of Star Trek (which, it's obvious, I know nothing about). 

...And this is what I actually wore.  I wore my new (tencel) denim shirt all weekend!  I guess I'm a fan of this shade of blue.

Yesterday we had an "in-home consultation" with Budget Blinds of West Seattle.  The lady who helped us was great!  She understood what we were going for and suggested the best went pretty quickly and I'm psych'd to have more privacy in my life...and darkness at night.  We get a lot of streetlight shining into our windows at night.  Let's just hope we can wake up in the morning once we actually have a dark room at night!


Fashionista said...

what a pretty blouse!

Lorena said...

You have some marvelous items... that top is one of them. I love the color, the design, it's so unique :)