Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday - The Illness and the Shop-aholic

I'm still feeling a little under the weather...That's 9 days and counting...and my husband is now down for the count as well.  Fun times.  I'm at the stage where I can make it through a day of work, I have my voice back for the most part, but I cough all night long.  It's slowly getting better, so I'm hoping that by the weekend I'll be back on my A-game...I hope.  At least in time to nurse my husband.

I have been shopping online a LOT since I've been sick!  Today I ordered some things from, including some socks.  Yesterday the white leather jacket that is the twin to my black leather jacket arrived and looks smashing...and just in case that one didn't work out, I also found a cream leather jacket on giant markdown that I couldn't resist.  Oh, and I've also bought some white skinny jeans, a new bra-and-panty set, among other fun things.  I think it's time for me to shop my closet for a little while!

1 comment:

Lorena said...

ooooooo that black dress is a dream come true....
and i hope you do get better- all you need is sleep :)