Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday - Alexander Wang

OK, it's really hard for me to smile early in the morning (and by early, I mean quarter to 9...I am not an early riser!).  I had a meeting with a Designer buyer today so I wanted to look up to date without looking like I was trying too hard or dressing up just for the occasion.  Also, rain was forecasted and I haven't worn this dress in a few weeks.  So it seemed like a good choice.  I think next time I'll just wear this with black skinny jeans.  These leggings kept falling down.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday - ruffles and drapes

I think I've sort of figured out a way to do my hair that I like.  I use a regular flat iron to twist the ends under.  It creates a little width around my face that I think balances it out.  I'm aiming for a style like this:

For now I'm waiting for my bangs to grow out and for the overall length to grow.  I'm not certain I'll wear it as long as the lass in the inspiration photo.  For the time being I can't wait to get my bangs grown out to the same length as the rest of my hair!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday - New Graphic Tee

No makeup; wet hair...I really let myself go on the weekends.  These snakeskin flats pair nicely with the graphic tee, no?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday - Beige and Burgundy

No matter the trends, I always come back to these muted, rich colors as my favorites.  Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday - New Plum Tunic Sweater

This sweater was an impulse buy!  I was reading about how cowl necks are supposedly good on me and was browsing online and saw this one one sale for less than $50...and 100% wool.

I have a commitment to new shopping habits, but I am OK with the occasional unplanned purchase that is less than $50, as long as it fits, is a good color and quality garment.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Style Cues

feminist - covered, but not frumpy; feminine but not overtly sexy; comfortable
luxurious - rich colors and fabrics; well made, well fitting, tailored
intelligent - bold and unusual color combinations, unexpected details and construction
serious - not whimsical or playful, not oversized, not costumed
refined - referencing the traditional, carefully curated, not perceived as obnoxious or loud
soft - pleated, wrapped, draped, sheer, textured, matte
straight-forward - details are apparent and intentional, and are in harmony with the overall look


Neutrals - Black, Grey, Navy, Mushroom, Olive, Light Cream
Main Colors - Muted Pinks, Burgundy, Plum, Purple, Chocolate Brown
Supporting Colors - Blue, Gold/Yellow, Green, Dark Red

Tanks and camisoles
S/s knits
L/s knits
L/s Blouses
S/s Blouses
Sleeveless Blouses



SandalsTall boots
Ankle boots
Ballet flats

Opaque tights
Silk scarf

8 pieces w neutral #1
8 pieces w neutral #2
8 pieces w print/color/contrasting neutrals



Pencil skirt
Silk scarf or necklace
Opaque tights or leggings
Ballet flats


Blouse (x2)
Cardigan (x2)
S/s knit
Ankle booties/oxfords
Flat boots

Monday - New Items

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday - Tweed Shorts

I wore this to go with my family to visit my dad's parents, who live on the peninsula.  We took the ferry from downtown.  Most of the snow has melted and there isn't too much slush left, either.  It was beautiful and sunny for most of the day today.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Today there were mountains of dirty slush everywhere.  I wore my rain boots and didn't even bother to bring additional shoes to change into!  I was really glad I did, too.  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday - Ice Storm - Green Cashmere

I did not go to work today.  This is what I put on when I thought I would make it in...but it turned out to be raining ice and snow and the roads were too dangerous.  Most of the people in my office also worked from home.  Everyone is getting very tired of working from home, I think.  I only made it in to the office on Tuesday this week.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more normal because I am running out of food!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday - Snow Day - Shearling Vest

 Today it has been snowing all day.  It's really small, icy snowflakes.  Both my husband and I stayed home from work - I worked from home.  We took a walk at lunch time and it was miserable - the snow blowing into my face and lots of dirty mucky snow in every intersection from the traffic.  Gross!  I was happy with my new boots, though.  When I got home and brushed the snow off they looked just as good as always!

The boots are Sperry Top-siders (waterproof)
tee is Gap, jeans are J.Crew, vest is Hinge (Nordstrom brand)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday - Snow Day - Trying Things On

This outfit will be cute with snakeskin ballet flats in the spring.  The top is Joie, the flats are Kors by Michael Kors, and the belt is Michael Michael Kors!  The skirt I found shopping with my mom on Whidbey Island a few years back.

I recently took a quiz based on a book by David Kibbe's Metamorphosis book from the 80's and it classified me as a "Soft Classic".  This is my attempt to express what that look might mean.  I intended to tuck the blouse in, however the trousers are too snug at the moment for that.

This top is Mink Pink and the trousers are 3.1 Philip Lim.  The booties are Via Spiga.

This silk jumpsuit is Gypsy05 (an LA brand).  It looks good with my wide black belt, too.  I have not gotten much wear out of this even though I really like it.  I think it's because it's a decidedly hot weather and "cocktail" type item.  Our summers here in Seattle have been pretty crummy for several years in a row...not to mention I don't really get invited to the kind of events that this jumpsuit would be perfect for!

This skirt really doesn't fit me.  You can kind of tell it is sitting too high on my waist and the pleating isn't sitting right because the lining is bunching on the side.  I love this print, and was kind of happy that I could even zip the skirt!  I would consider wearing this even though it doesn't fit quite right.  This entire outfit is Milly.  I bought the top at Nordies designer sale and the skirt from Sak's right after the stock market crashed in 2008...it was 80% off but only available in a size 8.

The top I never wear.  It cannot be worn very easily under another piece because of the bulk of the ruffle.  However, if it's warm enough to go sleeveless it's certainly too warm for a (rather thick) cashmere knit...  

My Joie washed silk dolman-sleeve blouse.  It has a pretty matte gold and tan suede detail at the neckline.  I have worn this with a thin black turtleneck under it for winter.  It will be a great piece to have in the summer, as well.  It also looks good with boot-cut jeans.

This is my new Adam silk tank.
This will be a useful piece to pair with jackets and keep things dressier than a white ribbed cotton tank would.
The jeans are Joe's, the shoes are Sam Edelman and the cardigan is Halogen.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday - new biker jacket

I got my new biker jacket and it fits great!  I am tempted to wear it every day now...it goes with everything. 

I bought the jacket from bluefly.com and it's Joie brand.  The hosiery I got a nordstrom.com.  The booties are Stuart Weitzman.  The dress is from Target.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Black and White

Black and White

Black and White by jenava featuring leather cross body handbags

I wore these items (approximately) on Friday.  The black slim pants with the elevated black platform makes my legs look longer.

I've been polishing up my 2012 shopping list.  I plan to by a lot fewer clothes this year.  So far I have pulled the trigger on burgundy skinny jeans and a black leather biker jacket that is coming on Tuesday. Today I ordered this Adam silk tank.  I need something more polished than my white ribbed tanks to wear under jackets.  I don't have any white layering tops other than my white tanks and one white tee (that has a slight stain on it from rubbing against my blue jeans).

Of the items on my shopping list, this is the most practical.  Next month I'm hoping to finally get my metal collar from Danijo!  I've been wanting it for a while but it a little expensive.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday - Green and Burgundy

These skinny jean leggings are really more plum than burgundy!  I've started to plan outfits using Polyvore.  I can't always find my exact clothing items on the site (or on the web to add to the site), but I can get close enough to get the idea.

Green and Burgundy

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day - Blue Dress, New Year Strategy, Skincare

Did you make it to midnight?  We did, but barely!  Today we made brunch for ourselves and are spending a relaxing day around the house doing chores and hanging out.  

For me, 2012 will be about saving more money and working to polish my home.  We need to add/replace some furniture and work on making everything more organized and easy to maintain.  I have a couple of clothing items on my wishlist, and once those are fulfilled I plan to spend very little on clothing until next year.

One item is these black suede wedge pumps from J. Crew:

Also, I have on order this biker jacket and these burgundy legging jeans:

Joie jacket

Something else that is exiting for me is a new skincare product that I've start trying.  I have dry, acne-prone skin that also gets dark spots.  The new product that I'm introducing into my nighttime routine is this Poetry in Lotion production from DermaDoctor:

Other products I already use and like are:
  • Cetafil facial cleanser for regular skin (I find that the dry skin version of this cleanser doesn't get my make-up off and leaves my skin feeling a little greasy)
  • La Roche-Posay Active C serum for dry skin - I use this after washing my face in the morning.
  • Cetafil facial moisturizer for dry skin - I use this over my serum in the morning and sometimes after my toner at night if my skin isn't too dry.
  • Jane Iredale's aloe vera mineral makeup - this is little mineral balls suspended in aloe vera.  The pump bursts the balls into the aloe vera when dispensing the product.  I have found that this makeup does even skin tone but I need a separate concealer for spots.  But, it's very natural looking and my skin is less breakout prone since I've switched to it.
  • Pond's dry skin moisturizer - sometimes a bit overkill for my slightly dry skin, but if I'm having a bout of winter skin I slather this on my face and neck at night and it's usually relieved when I wake up.
  • Clarisonic brush  - I use this at night to make sure all my make-up comes off my face
  • La Roche-Posay Physiological cleansing liquid - I use this as a toner at night and to remove my eye makeup