Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday - Sparkle for Day

It was very, very rainy and wet today.  I was happy to have my Aquatalia waterproof boots on.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday - Watercolor Blouse

I pulled this watercolor Rebecca Taylor sleeveless blouse from the back of my closet because it was a little sunny today!  The print it mostly grey and pink and white, but there are bits of turquoise and dark purple that I'd love to pull out with a top layer in these colors...Or, I think a white jacket would have worked nicely.  The only thing I had as a top layer that would work was my denim jacket.  

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday, Monday - Lace Tights

I'm attempting to dress up a bit more for work.  I've been dressing very casually, and I'd like to step it up a notch.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saturday, Sunday - New Blouses

New Alexander Wang tunic blouse.  It reminded me of Star Trek (which, it's obvious, I know nothing about). 

...And this is what I actually wore.  I wore my new (tencel) denim shirt all weekend!  I guess I'm a fan of this shade of blue.

Yesterday we had an "in-home consultation" with Budget Blinds of West Seattle.  The lady who helped us was great!  She understood what we were going for and suggested the best went pretty quickly and I'm psych'd to have more privacy in my life...and darkness at night.  We get a lot of streetlight shining into our windows at night.  Let's just hope we can wake up in the morning once we actually have a dark room at night!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday - Moto Jacket

It's pretty cool still in Seattle, and quite rainy.  Luckily this leather jacket is lined in silk so it's pretty warm.

Monday, March 12, 2012

This is one of my favorite color combinations!  I only wish the weather were too warm for a sweater and boots.

This outfit is from Sunday.  I wore it to see the film version of La Boheme (the opera) with a friend.  This is my NEW non-boob-pocket denim shirt.  Ironically, it's not even cotton.  

This look was inspired by this Vince look from

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday - New Caftan, New Trousers, New Sweater

I fell in love with this caftan online ( and then saw someone at work wearing it.  It's even more striking in person, so I took a little shopping trip after work on Friday.  I thought the price was reasonable so it came home with me!  This June I will be heading to NYC on a buying trip for Holiday 2012 to support the software my team has developed.  I thought this tunic would a cute option for the trip.  The tunic is Winter Kate and is available online here.

 Another, fancier option.  With Stuart Weitzman "stilt" sling-back platform pumps and Joe's jeans skinny black ankle jeans.
 A 70's inspired look for sandal weather.  With Gap Long and Lean white jeans and Sam Edelman cuffed nude patent gladiator sandals.

Of course, my saleswoman also brought me a few of them was these linen/cotton trousers and this sweater (also linen).  When I saw the trousers I didn't even want to try them many reasons why - just look at them - they shouldn't work.  First, the patch pockets at the hip...second the flare-leg which is usually so tight in the thighs I can't get them one...third the high-waist (actually I don't mind a high-waist in some cases).  But when I slipped them on it became clear that fit was not an issue at all.  And the patch pockets are so subtle they don't have the widening-effect I feared.  I had been eyeing a different pair of neutral trousers because they are so great for Spring/Summer with tees or blouses.  So I sprang for them!  And the linen-blend sweater fits the bill for a wide-neck sweater I've been's not the bateau neckline I thought I'd get, but I like the twisted body and small slit at the him (flattering).  The top is Trouve (available here in khaki and paprika, in-store in black).  The trousers are Marc by Marc Jacobs and I found them online on ShopBop (I bought them in-store at Nordstrom).  They are already off to the cleaners for a hemming and a press.

Trying the trousers with a top I already own - a Spring look.  This top is Joie from last year.

After all the trying on I decided to keep the sweater on and slip into my uber-comfy Kut from the Kloth Diana skinnys (now on sale here!) and Lavender Label by Vera Wang snakeskin flats (available here - I also saw a gorgeous chunky-heeled sandal in this same snakeskin in-store).  I wore this for errand running on a rainy, dreary Seattle Saturday.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday, Thursday - A bout of sunshine and new shiny shoes

I have not worn these trousers in a long time.  Two years ago I wore them almost every day!  Today, they were comfy and I enjoyed the straight-leg silhouette.

This outfit is with my new Frye flats.  They were very comfy (I added my SuperFeet insert) but I think they'll take a little breaking in (either that, or I need to wear them with a footie) because they did rub around the opening. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sunday, Tuesday - Chinos, then Corduroy

It snowed last night.  I can't believe it snowed...I had started to convince myself that it was finally warming up...but, no.  Welcome to the next ice age!

I wore this on Sunday.  It was pretty sunny, but we've been having a cold snap.  We picked up our new cabinet on Saturday, and on Sunday we re-arranged our furniture to make room.

In the evening we had dinner and drinks with our neighbors.  We had invited them over on Saturday for an after-dinner cocktail to admire our new cabinet and their father was babysitting.  He said, "How far away are you going?"  And they replied, "Just to the neighbors."  He said, "Yes, but how far is that?"  They said, "You know, like we are unit A?  They are unit B."  We are literally steps apart.  Sometimes we visit each other in our slippers!

It's great having neighbors who are also friends and just really all around good people.  We cat-sit each other's cats, and occasionally carpool to work together.  Lately we've been having what I call "co-op dinners" where we pool our dinners and eat together.  It's great, and saves a little time and money since each of us only makes either the sides (and brings the wine) or the main and dessert.